Peligro monos venenosa

Antonio was released on 21.04 to hang out at the Alcazaba in Malaga, Spain. With assistance from Paws he cleared security and customs with ease and found his freedom on a posh lamppost with views in all directions.

Mrs Brian at the Briggate

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art now includes 'Mrs Brian at the Briggate'. Taking up the same position as Brian in 2011, Mrs Brian hopes she has found a safe spot overlooking the old Paddy's Market.

Soo'side o' the Clyde

Late at night, with the help of BlackMac, Miriam was released at the Clockwork Beer Company.
Dennis, released nearby, unfortunately disappeared before his photoshoot. Its possible he's attached to a number 5 bus.

Monkeys back in Glasgow

The first dangerous poisonous monkeys to be seen in Glasgow since January have been spotted over London Road and Gallowgate. Bill and Corrie are hanging from the railway bridges, amused by the traffic going to and from the east end.

Dangerous poisonous monkeys in France

30.03.12 Rousseau and Dudu, Chamrousse 1700, French Alps.
Rousseau found his way to the top of a lamppost and Dudu settled by the nursery slopes.
Risque toxique des singes.

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