Freedom for wee Burnie

The activist who broke Burnie out of jail has sent news of his re-release. It comes with a bit of a challenge- "Burnie has been relocated to the luvly new sign near an average speed camera on the outskirts of Edinburgh ! Who's gonna spot him first? (A well placed shot if I say so myself"

Prison break for Wee Burnie

With help from an activist on the inside, Wee Burnie has escaped injustice and imprisonment. He was taken straight to Fife to recover. Thanks to the brave insider who will help with  Wee Burnie's rehabilitation and future release.

Monkeys from Amsterdam

2 monkeys, 12 women, 3 days. Rembrandt and Wee H were set free - Gevaarlijke Giftige Aapjes!  (Gevaarlijke Giftige Vrouwen!)

Burnie Monkey imprisoned in Edinburgh

A late night launch on 5th June  of Burnie onto the RBS bridge in Edinburgh has been reported to have resulted in the imprisonment of this wee dangerous poisonous monkey. A facebook post reported that, having been dobbed in by a security guard (could have been a terrorist attack) the primate "was retrieved using rope access " and has since been incarcerated.

Dangerous poisonous monkey released in Edinburgh

Rickie has a great wee spot in Carrick Knowe, just around the corner from Nana's. 

Francesca released in Clyde Street

Francesca, as named by Big John, has found a home with access to both a soup kitchen and RNIB liferaft. 

Wyllie is released into Rottenrow Gardens

Overlooking the giant nappy pin, the name Wyllie was chosen on release. He was named after George Wyllie, who passed away 15.05.12.

Coco & John

Released within an hour of each other, Coco and John have found their spots. Coco overlooks Kelvingrove Park and John is swinging across Bath Street.

May Day on Glasgow Green

After a late and difficult release Maybelle enjoys beer and sunshine at West Brewery, Glasgow Green.

Arch-ie's under Kelvinbridge!

Released on Friday 28th April, Arch-ie is hoping to avoid a similar fate to Kelvin- removal by the pigeon police!

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