Like taking dangerous poisonous monkeys to Newcastle

Jeremiah squeezed into a suitcase for a wild weekend in Newcastle. His 7 female companions wore danger poisonous monkey t shirts and all looked exactly the same as Michelle. Jeremiah was treated to a couple of nights in a posh hotel, pampering, cocktails, laughter and kisses. He now swings on a Newcastle lamppost. It isn't known if this was a release or a lucky eascape?

West coast settlers

After a long journey on the back shelf, four dangerous poisonous monkeys found their chosen hangouts in Argyll and Wester Ross.

Pol enjoys the isolation of Polphail Ghost Village, Portavadie . As well as the company of bats there are occasional visitors such as the guys from Tarbert who were first to spot him.

Applecross in Wester Ross is now home to Ross, hanging between the visitor centre and the Applecross Inn.

More monkeys in Edinburgh

With help from Hidden Scotland (Urban Exploration), Crewella and Smokey were release in North West Edinburgh.  Smokey is hanging high on Ferry Road but Crewella was quick to disappear. It's thought she has opted for a nomadic existence- probably on the roof of a number 19 bus.

A quick release!

It took just 30 miutes for Maggie McIver, Stanley and Quentin to be released in the east end of the city. Maggie McIver named after the founder of The Barras, and Stanley, outside Bill's Tool Store, are now residents of the Barras, looking forward to the busy weekends and quiet weeks. Quentin is on his own in King Street Car Park with the  job of cheering up passers by.


 Between two hanging lamps on Kelvinway, Waynetta has found her freedom, near the art galleries and not so far from Jagpal. She's quite hard to spot. as her bright red mohawk provides some sort of camouflague amounst the leaves.


Capone settled in Bell Street and has braved rain, wind, pigeons and seagulls  since his release on the 8th July. This part of Bell Street also hosts a fine pair of boots on a neighbouring wire.

Asleep among the flowers

The Pheonix Flowers on Garscube Road have a new resident. Jasmine is nestled in one of the blooms,  tucked underneath and sheltered from the rain.

Gefar! Giftige Affen

Mackie was released in HafenCity, Hamburg after leaving Scotland in 2011. His release, on 3rd July,was an exciting event for the family of Hamburgers who had been preparing him for freedom. The harbourmaster will be keeping an eye on him as he keeps an eye on the Elbphilharmonie development designed by Herzog & de Meuron. He can also be seen on a webcam and his alter L-ego has been posted in the guestbook.

Indian rope walking at Glasgow Mela

...inspired Jagpal to stay in Kelvingrove to have a go.

Monkeys InK

Timeless Tattoo have befriended a dangerous poisonous monkey. After getting an anchor and a heart, he decided to hang out in Dundas Street... He's hoping for a decent name, more tattoos and a long run. There will be updates on his progress at .

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