Court Appearance!

This is Courtney, doing time just across from the old district court in Turnbull Street.

Off to Market

Outside Sloan's Market on Argyle Street, Theodore is hanging a little bit precariously.  He's hanging on ...just.

Mitch Gives Lighthouse Signs the Finishing Touch

Hanging at the Buchannan Street end of Mitchell Lane, Mitch is adding that finishing touch to the bright new signs for the Lighthouse. A cheeky release at a busy time went largely unnoticed . The busker  on the corner , he just played on. 

Swinging Nautilie

With sailors over the water and 'goings on' up the lane, Nautilie hopes to swing freely for a good while on the bridge previously occupied by Francesca. Apparently the bridge painting that led to Francesca's disappearance is finished !!-?

Puddle of Mud

This is POM - She spun upwards, then downwards, then splash! Right in the middle of a muddy puddle. 

Who's Teneu?

The new resident on the travel centre (Cafe Nero) in St Enoch Square is Teneu. St Enoch is apparently a corruption of St Teneu,  mother of St Mungo and co patron of Glasgow. Although named after this 6th century Brittonic princess, as a dangerous poisonous monkey, Teneu just wants to hang tight from the guttering and raise smiles for those who look up when passing by.

Way Out West

It took careful negotiations with the locals, for Stuart to find his way and join the other west coast settlers. Stuart's journney was a difficult one, not helped by the weather or the pondlife. He got there and has settled in a natural haitat in his new hometown Tarbert, Argyll.  

Thanks to the locals - Wee Man, Clams and Joshie Boy.

Three firsts in Berlin!

With a new home in Potsdamer Platz, Mutai is the first dangerous poisonous monkey in Berlin and second to be released in Germany. He has been named after Geoffrey Mutai who was first in the Berlin marathon on the same day. He was released by Dirty Mac, the first person  with a broken right wrist and broken left shoulder, to release a dangerous poisonous monkey with only two fingers.

King (St) Henrik Bloomfield the 33rd

Windows, cars and passers by were all at risk as Henrik Bloomfield was tossed towards a very high wire across King Street. Stephen - top tosser-eventually hit the target, followed by a lap of honour around the King Street/Parnie Street junction.  

Covert mission in Cambuslang

Named by the secret agents Toxic J and Poisi T (not their real names), who volunteered for the mission, Fargo was perfectly located on a railway bridge across Bogleshole Road. Late on Sunday night, the agents met with Jooly Roger to undertake this covert mission. Agent Maw was put in charge of road safety and "the dog" kept the edgie. After a few test shots Toxic J hit the spot and the agents disappeared into the night....

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