Victoria's Secret

This little lady's release was announed but her location remained a secret. Victoria has since been spotted hanging beneath the M74 just over the water in Rutherglen. 

She's similar to Frederick Joseph ( who so happens to be looking over the Prince Albert.) having been created from his partner.

Brighton up!

Arrive by train, turn the corner onto Trafalgar Street and there is Frederick Joseph! He's hanging high, over looking the Prince Albert, the mega mural on the gable (including Frank Sidebottom), Banksy's kissing policemen, the toy museum, a scabby weed, some bins and Frederick Place. Initially named Frederick, he was saved from a dodgie landing on the drainpipe by very tall Joe. In honour of Joe...he's Frederick Joseph now.

Way way way out west

...and its blowing a hoolie! Muirchu was released in the shelter of the lighthouse fognorn, lookin out to Rum, Eigg, Muck and Coll. Although Muirchu's wee den in the foghorn is no longer operational the lighthouse delivers 2 flashes every 20 seconds.
The lighthouse is not far from Corrachadh Mor, the most westerly spot on the UK mainland. Muirchu will share his desolate surroundings with otters, seals, dolphins, seagulls and the odd visitor. No pigeons here.



Freedom for Wilhelm

The Devil's Staircase was Wilhelms final destination after an arduous journey and weeks of preparation under Mr Black's wing. Mr Black encouraged natural behaviour during the preparations- fighting, drinking and chiwawa control- to assist with his survival in the wild. Wilhelm journey started in Milngavie and he was released after walking around 75miles with his companions who completed the 96miles of the West Highland Way. 

It's blowin a hoolie up there but he's holding tight and swinging for the walkers.

Turn Left, Up Market to Jeffrey

'Hiya' from Jeffrey who has joined the festivities in Edinburgh after a bold daylight release. He's bright yellow so he kinda stands out as he hangs under North Bridge. All he needs is a good review and to survive the clean up when the festival is over.

Everything's Rosie

Introducing Rosie, who has a cheeky spot in the middle of busy Argyle Street. It was dark, the pubs were closing and after a few attempts she was secured. Here's hoping she gets a good run and manages to scare off the monkey police, pigeon police, cherry pickers, drunks and open top bus tours.

Roundabout the Whirlies

Set free on Saturday night. EriK...roundabout 10" tall, turquoise, big teeth, tattoo, strong arms, dangerous and poisonous. 

Doon the Ferry

Great wee spot for Queenie but she couldn't hang on. A week of exercises in the physio next door and she's ready for her freedom again. 

How did they do that?

The release of Red did not need wellies and there were no wet feet in the process.  He's the 3rd dangerous poisonous monkey to make it onto the bridge. Arch-ie lasted for 4 months in 2012.  Kelvin was one of the first  in 2011 and also hung on the bridge for 4 months. It's believed that he was removed by the Glasgow Shitty Council Pigeon Police.

Halfway to Hell!

Toxic J and T Bhoy (not their real names) were in charge of the release  and naming of Demon Boy 123. Protected by the fading light they risked life and limb for this dangerous poisonous monkey's freedom.  Demon Boy 123 is looking good in his new Halfway home.

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