New girl in town

This wee lady is adding a bit of colour to the crossing at Sauchiehall Street. Going by the name of Newt, she is particularly dangerous as she is high as a kite on the CO2 emissions surrounding her. She'll be spitting on windscreens, fighting with the green man and hell raising in what was a fairly dull spot until her release.

Crian Larry

A morning release on the A85. Larry.

Wild Winds

Wild winds have welcomed Ami to her release spot next to Mount Vernon station. She's been spinning and twisting since Thursday and seems to be secure.

Alpine Monkey

1500m up the Alps. The village is Valmeinier. The region Galibier Thabor. The dangerous poisonous monkey is Roi.


Just infront of the Bridge of Sighs, Molly spins in a historic spot. She crosses what was the Molindiner Burn, at the bottom of St Mungo's Cathedral garden. (St Mungo apparently popped down to the burn to fish for salmon.) She overlooks the Necropolis, the site of 50,000 burials and if she sqints over the hill she can see the Tennants Brewery! Good spot!

First out in 2014

A good night's work on 19th Jan was the release of Vinnie and Annie. St Vincent Crescent and Anniesland are their chosen sites. (No prizes for who is where). Winter releases can be a bit risky but with so many down in the storms and the miserable rain they will cheer the place ip a bit.

Three cheers FORR ESTER!

It was dark and it was late. A lone man jumped the fence, stood nonchalantly to let passers by pass. Quick look left and right and ...there's a dangerous poisonous monkey on the bridge! He has named her Ester! She's not so far from the spot where Rickie hung for the last 18 months.

Rickie came off his perch in the high winds and was found flat as a pancake and in need of a lot of attention. Fortunately he was picked up by a hero who is husband of a nurse! Grafting, stitching and replacing in underway.

In time for QOTSA

Wee Troy, released on 15th will catch some decent sounds in November and December. He'll also catch some not so decent sounds...but there are plenty pubs nearby the Hydro.

Sparky in the Rain!

Out on the southside, Sparky gives a cheery welcome to her new neighbours. It was a dark and stormy night...pouring rain, monkey police and fireworks havent put her off and there's a family along the road keeping a wee eye on her. 

Looking good at Dumgoyne

Trecking Tony found an ideal spot for Elisa out by Dumgoyne. Elisa's a bit closer to home than Wilhelm, Trecking Tony's last release on the Devil's Staircase. 

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