Monkey on the moon!

If you go to Spoutmouth, once it's dark and the moon is in the south south east, you'll see Gabby. If you stand with your phone, pointing it in the general direction of Gabby and the moon, after about 15 minutes of going this way and that you might just find the right camera position to get a grainy sillouette Gabby against the moon. It's best to do this in the pouring rain after a couple of beers.

Mr Andy Swings

Released in the dead of night, not far from the swings. He's doing his job to cheer up the pedalers, pounders, plodders, dog walkers and any other passers by. 
A great view down the Clyde and apparently his bright red mohawk can be seen from as far away as Dumbarton.

EJ and Mel

A jaunt up the A9 and the release of two girls in Boat of Garten (EJ) and Pitlochry (Mel).
EJ is braving possible osprey attach (although they do prefer fish) with a view of the Strathspey Railway. Mel is braving possible tourist attack (although they do prefer ice cream) with a view of the Tummel and hydro electric dam.


Probably the best...

If Carlsberg released dangerous poisonous monkeys...? But they don't. Carl is tucked under the bridge just outside the pub that opens early in the morning. He looks over the new park with John Lambie's Barrowland path and he glistens in the sunshine.

For Eva

A bright, sunny holiday Monday at 4pm. Look, left, look right and ... RELEASE!
Eva, the new dangerous poisonous monkey hanging over the River Kelvin. She's very small- just a baby. She's kinda bright- orange. She's hanging high.

Kylie of Lochalsh

Trekkin Tony was off with his boots, his rucsack and a wee pal, Kylie, to release in Skye. They walked about a bit before her release in Kyle of Lochalsh. She's up a lampie!

Mean, green and dangerous to know!

Peep peep peep. That's Peeps!
She's up the lane at the end of Brunswick Street/Argyle Street (or maybe down the lane? - Depends which way you're going), hanging out with the seagulls. She's as described- mean, green and dangerous!

Casting shadows

Butch was released in Oban (The Little Bay), high on the old clock tower on North Pier and overlooking the Firth Of Lorn. His surroundings take in views of Mull, Lismore, Kerrera, McCaigs Tower, Columba Hotel, tourists, food, ferries, more tourists, George Street and even more tourists.

Release, escape or possible mutation

Not far from the site of Glasgow Zoo there hangs a dangerous poisonous monkey-Zooz. ... and yes, that is a horse in the rush hour traffic. (Don't know it's name.)

Hing on Hingimy - Hingin on!

It was a bold release on a Saturday night. It's kinda busy down there. Once they leave your hand they take on a life of their own. She's up and she's hingin on.

A few risks for this one - not just the Monkey Police. There's the British Transport Police to think about too. She's dangerous and poisonous but she isn't a terrorist!

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