What are Dangerous Poisonous Monkeys?

MonkeyDangerous poisonous monkeys were first released in Glasgow in 2011. Flora, Kelvin and Brian were seen for 6 months before mysteriously disappearing. Alpha, Heather, George and Tynie spent a shorter time hanging on wires, climbing up lampposts and swinging on bridges. Pierre found his way to Brighton Pier.

Left in the wild, dangerous poisonous monkeys are gentle, amusing creatures. Like other primates, they are not pets or suited to a home environment. They are dangerous and poisonous. Let them be wild.

We like to keep an eye on dangerous poisonous monkeys but it's not always possible. If you see one, please let us know using the guestbook.

Not to be confused with sock monkeys, dangerous poisonous monkeys are recognisable because  of their...
    Red mohawk      Neat little anus      Tattoo
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